26th June 2018

2.1 Written Essay

4. Analyse how language features revealed the writer’s purpose in the written text(s).

  • Reveal information-
  • Foreshadow events to later occur
  • Reveal an important symbol
  • Reveal something about a character
  • Teach the reader an idea/theme

Language features revealed the writer’s purpose in the text

  • symbol- Books
  • narration- Death
  • imagery- The colours-(red-flag, blood, bombings,white-death of Liesel’s brother, cold, Black-death, hiding in the darkness,)

The Books presented as symbols and demonstrates and teaches us how books and words are so influential.

Books(Book burnings)

  1. The gravedigger’s handbook-Represents Liesel’s brother first act of thievery
  2. The shoulder shrug-
  3. Mein Kampf-
  • Death is the narrator the writer’s purpose was to teach us that death can be approached in a different way. A different way how we usually approach death. (feelings/ what our opinions) death also talks about colours(imagery) white, black, red. the colours interact with events that happen throughout the book thief. colours can mean peace, blood, and the darkness. which interact with the events. The colours of the sky help create imagery for death but also the situations that happened. Death Is fascinated with humans and colours. Throughout the book thief, he becomes a form of a character as the tires from his job at times.  he is fascinated with Liesel and her story which he possesses. In the text, his main focuses are his perception of humans but he also wants humans perception of death to change. The author portrays a different approach to death also can relate to all religions as there are many perceptions of the afterlife and can teach the readers to open their mind to all religions their beliefs.  aspects of death.  Liesel the text can also represent the events that happened to the jews which symbolism like colours help us understand that it was a very dark time in the history of our world
  • Using symbolism in the book thief demonstrated the writers’ purpose of the text by using, books, colours, and death they all convey important messages about what life was like in that period where there were wars, destruction of Germany and even the people, it presents different approaches how we generally look at things which can open our mind to a new perspective
  • Words and books are so important, in the book thief they can teach us that in the darkness of times that words help people cope with their tragedies. As much as the Nazis burn books they cant burn peoples knowledge of words as words and knowledge stay in your minds forever which makes them so influential.  The first book that Liesel steals “the gravedigger’s Handbook” represents her brother yet a new beginning with her foster parents.


















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