Pride and prejudice Directed by Joe Wright is the adaptation of Jane Austen novel. This film is such a raw and deep movie that can bring many emotions and make us think about the environment and people in the movie since the time period was so different back then as well as the way that women were treated. This movie is about a girl called Elizabeth Bennett who lives with her parents and her sisters in the English countryside. As she is the eldest child, she faces the pressures to marry; however, she is not like other women, she is outspoken and outgoing which leads to her younger sisters marrying before her. Moreover into the movie Elizabeth meets an upperclassman called Mr Darcy and sparks fly, the chemistry between them is obvious however Mr darcy’s reserved nature prevents the fledgeling relationship which difficult things. The array of characters and the era that this movie was set in really made the movie special; each character was so unique, and it also demonstrated a time where women were treated differently compared to the woman in today’s society which I thought was the most interesting.

Pride and prejudice is a movie that is based in the early 1800s where time and people was so much different. I thought it was interesting to see that woman and even the social expectations back then would be opposed in today’s period however it’s interesting to observe the significant changes that have been made when compared the two-time eras. The array of characters made the movie so unique especially Elizabeth Bennet and how she chooses to live her life in a time where society expectations typically define a woman like on who they should marry and the way they live their life. Elizabeth Bennet is non-conformist heroine defies this exception upon rejecting the marriage of her wealthier cousin Mr Collins. This was considered, and outrages act in the movie for a woman with lower wealth because marrying Mr Collins will enable Elizabeth to have the opportunity to have what she wants. I recognised in the movie that there was little social acceptance of the woman who remained single their whole lives as they would have to rely on their parents and brothers financially which was considered ghastly but in today’s society it would be considered normal to most families as they would be glad to help if they financially were able to. When watching this movie I learnt that the aspects of Pride and prejudice depict the typical value of regency marriages to have financial security with true love acting as an additional benefit. However, when Charlotte Lucas accepts Mr Collins proposal when Elizabeth rejects it, shows a difference between two peoples opinions which made Elizabeth a character I admired throughout the movie. Charlotte Lucas married for convenience since a young woman offered marriage by a wealthy man with the connections should leap out of prospect instead refuse only because they believe marriage should be because of love and in today marrying for love would be considered normal. In this case, Elizabeth would instead marry for love which was shown in this scene where she rejects the proposal of Mr Collins then she reflects the fact that marriage should not be for convenience for your own self and for your family however it should be for the love you have for each other. Throughout the movie, Elizabeth increasingly shows her personality, she presents admirable qualities that make her independent and strong-willed which makes her a heroine to the woman in those days and even in today’s society. Compared to 100 years ago we see a lot more individuals accepted into this world with unique characteristics, we see feminism, equality and the fact we have the freedom of speech relates back to why Elizabeth is such an important character and as a woman with lower wealth, presented an essential message for a woman to realise as that it’s important to live your life for your own benefit. It makes me think that Elizabeth is such a strong character for expressing her true self and not hiding behind the expectations of her family. She is brave in a world where being segregated by your wealth doesn’t let it define her. This factor also relates to why Mr Darcy likes Elizabeth so much because she is different and that fact that he is also different, his reserved personality and Elizabeths outgoing personality, in contrast, they go so well together.

Elizabeth and Mr Darcy were so lucky to find each other in my opinion, as they were privileged not to be forced into marriage as they had the chance to get to know each other and then fall in love, in reality back then woman wasn’t so lucky to find and get to know a man at first they would be forced to marry for financial security however without completely knowing the person. At the end of the movie, we see that Mr Darcy and Elizabeth express their true love for each other which made this movie so unique as it revealed the difference in relationships when compared. I observed the different relationships and marriages that occurred which helped me understand the message of how love is so important, for example, we see Jane and Mr Bingley and Elizabeth and Mr Darcy compared to Charlotte Lucas and Mr Collins and Lydia and Mr Wickam. We see the distinct happiness within them which portrays that love and respect in marriages should be considered one of the main factors. Charlotte Lucas does show some interest in Mr Collins however not love, its sounds remarkable nowdays to imagine that woman would prefer to marry a man with whom she could never be happy with however this was considered the norm back in the 18th and 19th century which was so fascinating yet sad to believe that woman in that era had to experience that life wherein today we are lucky to have freedom of speech and overall acceptance of uniqueness.

The characters in pride and prejudice express characteristics of class, money, appearance and to some extent accomplishments which throughout the movie these characteristics dictate how every character interacts with each other. Watching this movie we learn that social ranking is vital to back then, we see lady Catherine’s discriminatory attitude towards Elizabeth reflect her beliefs that if Mr Darcy marries lower class it will taint the purity of her family royal heritage, however, Mr Darcy overcomes the barriers that are presented by their class which makes him so special to Elizabeth. In the movie we see that the expectation of aristocracy shapes lady Catherine, however, she does have more right than any other woman which leads her having more opportunities. However, individuals like lady Catherine are in no ways perfect in the movie. Catherine is idolized by people such as Mr Collins which he took in no account of her rudeness and even admires her aristocratic behaviour it’s like looking at an individual from the higher class is better than having real beauty within which I thought was very outrages. Middle class views the higher class in a way where they should be admired and even sometimes attaining idolatry which some characters like Mr Collins and occasionally Mr and Mrs Bennet presented this aspect towards high-class individuals like Lady Catherine. Another factor that this aristocratic era presented is connections and reputation which was very important in that society were in that world individuals had limited choices based on family social rank and connections. Mr Darcy and Elizabeth overcome these reputations as these characters are not determined by these factors they present that love can overcome all obstacles including class.

I enjoyed watching this film as it presented such main issues that 1800 era had where equality didn’t exist for individuals. However, Elizabeth plays an essential role of not following the social class and living her life the way she wants to, this is so important for the woman to realise as upper and lower class can be presented in some families today and it’s important to recognise that you have complete control over your life. This movie showed that beauty and manners were the last criteria that people considered. This makes me feel somewhat glad that I will have the opportunity of freedom to live my own life how I want to live it, however, makes me feel like that in some case there are woman in today’s society don’t have this opportunity which sadness me as they don’t have a choice due to religions, cultures etc. nevertheless this movie can help woman and even men to realise that living your life for your own benefit will lead to internal happiness. Would highly recommend this film to all people as its such a good movie which will bring many emotions and different opinions about the two time periods when compared. I love this movie and would definitely read the book one day.

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