The perks of being a wallflower directed by Stephen Chbosky is one of my favourite movies of all time. This intriguing movie is about a young boy called Charlie who typically describes his life which in the film we get to know himself as a person, his friends, family and teachers. This movie was enjoyable because the way it was presented as we learn about how friendships are so important for the recovery of mental illness and also the fact that depression should be addressed and how crucial it is. We learn more about Charlie’s life and how he overall matures as a person and overcoming mental illness Which was portrayed in the film.

Charlie as a character in the movie is a timid, introverted teenage boy who struggles with high school which instantly I can relate to.  He is very observing, and in particular, he analyses his surroundings on a daily basis. He discovers that his participation in connecting and interacting with people at social events is very hard for him, but he tries his best to make friends. This movie portrays the importance of friendships and how they can help you cope with mental illness which I thought was so raw and deep. Charlie eventually makes friends, in particular, a girl called Sam, and in some way, she suffers from some depression from her past. Her personality makes Charlie fall in love with her since she’s not a typical teenager, she’s different compared to other girls in high school which makes her so unique. Charlie was so lucky to have found sam as a friend and later on had found his true love because the movie presented that she was the reason that made him cope with his depression. This can be portrayed when Sam went off to university after having a falling out with Charlie, Charlie ended up feeling alone and resulted in him going to hospital, this could mean that without having Sam there especially not leaving things on a good note affected him deeply which portrays that having good healthy relationships with friends is essential.

Charlie portrayed by Logan Lerman presented depression in the film from his past experiences of having his best friend commit suicide and his aunt who he was close to killed in a car crash. Not only that these were factors that contribute to his breakdowns however throughout the film, we learn horrific aspects that were presented such as charlie’s repressed memories of his aunt molesting him as a child. These factors are enough for someone to end up having depression which throughout the film I developed deep empathetic feelings towards Charlie. However, at the end of the movie, we learn that Charlie does overcome these factors with the help of his friends that he’s made and the better communication with his family.

The characters were so unique in the film, and each character has vast impacts on Charlie’s life. When outgoing outsiders finally accept Charlie ”Sam and Patrick” his world changes and has been introduced to the typical high school life of drugs, romantic interests, and the ups of down of being a teenager which was typically what Charlie wanted ”to be accepted.” The character Patrick portrayed by Ezra Miller presented as a gay gangly tall boy who teaches Charlie to be outgoing and to go out of his comfort zone,  sam portrayed as Emma Watson presented admirable qualities, she’s beautiful and throughout the film teaches Charlie to love. This can be shown in the film where at there homecoming charlie was alone however sam and Patrick spot him and force him to dance to “come on Eileen” I found this scene memorable in the film since even though Sam and Patrick only had one conversation with Charlie back then they included charlie so closely which shows the outrages, unashamed, kind people, that Patrick and Sam are. What I liked about these characters that they are not like typical teenagers in the movie they present uniqueness rather than popularity. They are artsy, a non-conformist crowd which they become the influence that rescues Charlie from his anxiety, and depression and they teach him that it’s vital to be who you are.

The ending of the film was so emotionally and artistically presented because I believe that Charlie presents that high school can be enjoyed if you have the right friends. What I liked about this movie was that it wasn’t a typical high school movie we see on Netflix however it’s a film that has meaning and purpose as it presents that depression does play a massive role in teenagers today whether its associated with there past, but having healthy relationships with friends and family and in general someone that knows what you are going through can help which I thought was so interesting and compelling to know. Its important t relise for teenagrers wh are going through depression are not alone, they will overcome this illness if they surround themselves by people that are willing to help, depression can present a long journey for some individuals and i feel like watching  this movie can help with this. For better and worse, Perks of being a wallflower is a movie that I feel in some ways all teenagers can relate to and i highly recommend to all the teenagers out there.

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